Vegetal collection

The wild, abundant, luxuriant nature expresses itself through a delicate vegetal motif, which Daum has continued to reinvent, paying tribute to nature for over the past 140 years. Nature and its rounded, harmonious and delicate forms have inspired Daum’s creations since the Art Nouveau period, of which Daum had acted as a major player. The pieces of the Vegetal collection are genuine ornamental masterpieces that testify the prowess of Daum’s workshops in the production of exceptional pieces.

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Table Vegetal
Floral wall lamp
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 Each Daum piece is unique by its artisanal manufacturing technique, and by the colours that are never reproduced identically from one piece to another. The “Imprévisible” table exploits the distinctive character of the Daum pieces. Contrary to the controlling of the colours, Daum gives free rein of its unpredictability to the surprise of the alchemy of the colours.

This side table with an unpredictable character reveals itself in two shades of dominant colours: an aquatic tone blending blue and green, and a warm tone in a mixture of amber and rose, recreating the magic colours of a glowing sunset.


resonance collection

In honour of the 140th anniversary of the Maison Daum in 2018, the crystal manufacturer wished to reinterpret its renowned iconic lamp, the “Lampe Champignon”. Baptised Résonance and edited in a numbered series, this magnificent lamp of round forms unveils a new contemporary design. It is declined in 4 different colours: Boreal green, ink blue, Paris grey, and rosewood red. In the 19th century, multiplying inventions and patents, Daum would be the first to dress electric light with glass, in association with the artists of the time, such as Majorelle, or the talented designer Henry Bergé, the talented men that established the famous “Ecole de Nancy”.

This collection, a symbol of creativity and savoir-faire, perfectly reflects the work of the “pâte de cristal” of the Daum atelier at Nancy. The frame in champagne-coloured metal, adds a touch of elegance and modernity to this collection. The light allows the crystal to be revealed through its soft and lively colours. Through its LED light, the lamp unveils a shower of bubbles engraved in the lampshade. Loyal to its DNA, the Manufacturer continues to take part in the history of Design. 


martyn lawrence bullard 

Renowned for his dramatic interiors combined with Hollywood glamour and ethnic spirit, the famous British interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard is also an  unreserved admirer of Daum crystal. When Daum suggested him to design decorative pieces, he was immediately ready to take part in the project.

As a great connoisseur of Daum crystal, Martyn Lawrence Bullard thinks that there is no better way to really appreciate the depth and colour of these pieces than by holding them to the light. When the time came to design a piece for the manufacturer, the idea of a chandelier was self-evident. From this, he has designed the astonishing Eden Chandelier “a crystal homage to the ‘original sin’, the beautiful tree, the tempting red apple and the persuasive serpent… an idea developed so beautifully that the chandelier tells not only a story, but is a wonderful work of art, wildly decorative, deeply sexy and radiates the most intoxicating glow from the pale hued crystal leaves and glorious ruby red apple” (M. Lawrence Bullard).

To accompany this sensational light fixture, the designer has created two complimentary accessories -a candle holder and a paperweight - both in the form of the emblematic apple

“I love the idea of forbidden fruit,” said Mr. Bullard to the New York Times in an editorial about the collaboration. “It’s my interpretation not only of the Garden of Eden, but of the temptations of the decorative world, those can be hard to resist.”