EMpreinte collection

In honour of the 140-year anniversary of the Maison Daum, the creation workshop wanted to draw inspiration from the influences of the past to reinterpret the Art deco style of the 30s, with a new collection: “Empreinte”. From glass to crystal to floral inspirations, Daum honours its heritage through the “pâte de cristal” and the lost wax techniques. The orientation of this collection came naturally, following a reinterpretation of the iconic mushroom lamp “Resonance”, inspired by the Art Nouveau period. The Nancy workshop wanted to pay tribute to the second strongest movement of the French Decorative Arts, in which Daum has played an essential role. Three vases and two candleholders are featured in this collection that echoes the history and rich heritage of Daum. A large green emerald gilded vase takes light and becomes the major piece of the collection. The buttercups and plants sculpted in the material by the modelling workshop are transformed into a modern work of art, while embodying a traditional craft. Two vases in deep blue or emerald green open a new path with the palette of colours created by the artisans of the Nancy Manufacturer. For this anniversary, the Daum Manufacturer embodies the history of the French decorative arts by creating a collection with aesthetic codes of the Art Déco in acontemporary spirit.


VEGETAL collection

The wild, abundant, luxuriant nature expresses itself through a delicate vegetal motif, which Daum has continued to reinvent, paying tribute to nature for over the past 140 years. Nature and its rounded, harmonious and delicate forms have inspired Daum’s creations since the Art Nouveau period, of which Daum had acted as a major player. The pieces of the Vegetal collection are genuine ornamental masterpieces that testify the prowess of Daum’s workshops in the production of exceptional pieces.

Floral wall lamp
from 4,800.00
Table Vegetal

ROSE PASSION collection

Rose Passion BD.jpg


The Maison Daum reveals its exceptional savoir-faire passed down through generations with the launch of the Cavalcade Prestige Vase. This magnificent vase with its impressive height boasts one of the largest vases in the current Daum collection. Mounted on a patinated bronze base, the vase depicts a herd of horses running freely and fearlessly in the wild. The horses have been delicately sculpted to elaborate their beautifully structured head and their determined stare. The amber tones reveal the fiery and energetic spirit of the handsome creatures. Realized in a limited edition of 50, the Cavalcade Prestige Vase is a technical achievement for the Daum Manufacturer.

Vase Cavalcade BD.jpg

Spirited Horses

Chevaux Fougueux BD.jpg


The Maison Daum launches the Sand Collection in collaboration with the renowned designer Christian Ghion. This extraordinary collection was born from the designer’s desire to explore the organic an often invisible worlds. “Underwater ripples? Swallowing sand waves? Micro-cellular streams? Dancing twists of the plant kingdom? Natural sinuosities? These are some of the many questions that one will interpret. Without ever being figurative, these pieces are resolutely contemporary and inscribed in the DNA of Daum, and they offer a surprise for the world to see”. Christian Ghion


LE LYS D'EAU BY marie-paule deville-chabrolle

This year, the collaboration with Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle takes us on a new journey with “Le Lys d’Eau”.  The drapery hangs over the woman’s delicate shoulders, unveiling the folds of the fabric, which have been skilfully sculpted to bare the softness of the cloth. The refined engravings of the lilies on her dress add to the femininity of the sculpture. With her head tilted to one side, she is deep in thought in her serene surroundings. 

“I am only a diagonal full of emotions, memories, tastes, and past lovers transmuted in the solitude of the workshop. Before becoming a sculpture, “Le Lys d’Eau” was at first, a perfume, a sweet and warm summer afternoon, a river of shade under the trees, a man who will gather water lilies in a stream to replant them in a fountain of a house… The perfume still… mixed with that of the white lilies of the garden.”- Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle

Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle Le Lys D'eau 125ex BD.jpg

La foule by laurence bonnel

The human figure plays an essential role in the works of Laurence Bonnel. She creates in particular, architectural silhouettes, almost primitive, which emanate a grand presence. The motif of the human, that of couples and that of the crowd, is recurrent and central in her imagination.

“A presence, in the absence: Solitude is the basis of Laurence Bonnel’s reflection, revealing a reflection of the dehumanized human, diverted from the other.” Laurence Bonnel

Laurence Bonnel La Foule 125ex BD.jpg

True Love